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ATTENTION: Registration is OPEN. For your security all payments are done through PayPal. As this is a “live” event there will be no recording to purchase. Show dates are November 13-14, 2022. Itinerary will be announced when available.

Registration is $350.00! If you are viewing any other price please contact us at 1-800-362-7071.

To Register for the Event:

  1. Follow this link and fill out all information.

    1. Can’t make it to the event? Register anyway and get access to to the on-demand presentation.
    2. Please note that only those registered will have access to the footage and precautions are being taken to ensure the footage is not downloaded or recorded from another device.
  2. Once you’ve completed Step 1, add your registration to the cart below and make your payment
    1. Even if you don’t have a PayPal you can sign in as a guest and make your payment by entering your credit card information.
  3. Wait for your confirmation email to arrive. This may take 1-2 business days. If you do not receive your confirmation email please contact us at or 800-362-7071

IMPORTANT: You must complete both steps to receive a confirmation email.

Cancellation Policy:
Full refund on or before August 25, 2022.

Please see below and add to your cart for the IBSA 2022 Conference

Attendee Registration - $350.00

3 thoughts on “Attendee Registration

  1. Many attendees question if they should enter the certification. When I first started attending the NSSG in 1997 I was advised to enter the certification even though I would not become certified but to get the advice on my workmanship. Well, the first year my score was terrible (actually worse than that) but Uwe tore into my work and told me what I was doing wrong. I never made most of those mistakes again. I entered a few times and each time the judges educated me in how to sharpen correctly. I have gotten good enough to get to NSSG Master Sharpener. The NSSG predated IBSA.
    I know all the judges; they are all experts and if you ask them what could be improved in your work they would be happy to show you.
    This would be true for many of us, we would help you, but we need to see your work. Enter the certification, just finding the problems in the scissors will be a learning experience as will your efforts to repair them. You can speak to some of the best sharpeners in the country. Ask more than one of us to show you, we will.
    Some years ago one of my friends entered the certification (he previously Mastered and had the high score twice) and this time did not do well enough to Master. A couple of us looked over his beautiful looking work and found his problem. He had over-polished the edges. That’s us helping each other.

  2. I am completely new to sharpening and have never sharpened a clipper blade before. I have been researching a lot and looking to do it on the side. There is no one offering this service in the area so I figured I would check it out. Would it be advisable to sign up for this and just dive in to see what I need to work on? What tools to get… or anything like that?

  3. We definitely recommend diving in and checking out the event. All the tools are provided during our hands on classes and it gives you the opportunity to meet professional sharpeners who can give you great advice!

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