Exhibitor Registration

ATTENTION: Registration is CLOSED. Do not pay for registration. If you make a payment to us, refunds will be given but are subject to PayPal processing fee. Purchasing registration after the show does not give you access to the recorded version of the show. Tickets to the recording will be sold separately.

Exhibitor registration applications must be completed by October 30, 2020 4:00PM PST.

Standard $50.00Premium $75.00Exclusive $100.00
– E-blast promotions
– IBSA Website promotions
– Social media posts
– 2 minutes of live event promotion
– E-blast promotions
– IBSA Website promotions
– Social media posts
– 5 minutes of live event promotion
– E-blast promotions
– IBSA Website promotions
– Social media posts
– 15 minutes of live event promotion

Please scroll down to purchase an exhibitor spot for the IBSA 2020 Virtual Conference.

IBSA 2020 Virtual Advertising Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@ibsa.me or 1-800-362-7071


  • All content must be pre-approved and appropriate to audience
  • Social media submissions must be sent at least 2 business days before intended post date.
  • E-blast submissions must be sent at least 5 business days before intended send date.
  • Exhibitors are expected to send all content for e-mail and social media promotions to info@ibsa.me with Subject Name: IBSA PRE-SHOW: (COMPANY NAME)
  • E-blast promotions are subject to layout changes based on file sizes and arrangement
  • Website promotions will only include company logo.


  • Exhibitors will have an allotted time to promote their brand, company, or products during the live show.
  • 3 Types of Content
    • Still Image: Don’t have time to put together an ad yourself? No problem, send us your company logo and we’ll share it during our live show!
    • Pre-recorded: Camera shy? Don’t worry, you can share your products, tools, service, and competence without worrying about making any mistakes. You can put together something as simple as a PowerPoint with a voice-over or edit together a short video to share.
    • Live: Ready to have real time discussions with potential customers? Get a webcam ready and tools/products at your reach. Share your craft, knowledge, and service with people across the world.
  • All content during live show must be pre-approved. If you are preparing to present live, email a summary of what you plan to present.
    • Send all content to info@ibsa.me with Subject Name: IBSA LIVE SHOW: (COMPANY NAME)
    • Final submissions must be approved by October 16, 2020 3:00PM PST.
  • Exhibitors can combine their presentation styles.
    • Ie: Playing a pre-recorded video for 5 minutes, then having a Q&A during the last 10 minutes.
  • Exhibitors do not have to use all or any allotted time if they choose not to.
  • Content must be appropriate and abide by the professionalism of the IBSA.
  • Screen time for live promotions can be separated into shorter segments
    • Ie: 15 minutes of live event promotion could be divided into three 5 minute segments that play at different times throughout the show

To Register for the Event:

  1. Follow this link and fill out all information.
  2. Once you’ve completed Step 1, add your registration to the cart below and make your payment
    1. Even if you don’t have a PayPal you can sign in as a guest and make your payment by entering your credit card information.
  3. Wait for your confirmation email to arrive. This may take 1-2 business days. If you do not receive your confirmation email please contact us at info@ibsa.me or 800-362-7071

IMPORTANT: You must complete both steps to receive a confirmation email.

Cancellation Policy:
Full refund on or before October 10, 2020.
50% refund after October 10, 2020.

Standard Exhibitor Registration - $50.00
Premium Exhibitor Registration - $75.00
Exclusive Exhibitor Registration - $100.00

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