The IBSA shear sharpening certification program is designed and executed as a fair evaluation of one’s sharpening ability.  No other program is as thorough or meaningful as what we’ve designed to test your skills.  Our judges have all certified as Master Sharpener or are sharpeners whose expertise is without question.  We test the certifier on 4 scissors:  Thinner, Right Hand Convex, Left Hand Convex & Bevel.  All certifiers will be tested against a official scoresheets, clearly detailing all aspects of inspection.  The scoresheet is available to each certifier for study, shows how points are assigned to each aspect of the sharpening process, and acts as a roadmap on what to do for each scissor, and more importantly, what the judges will looking for.

To learn more details about the process click here.

There are 2 types of certification:

  1. In-Person Certification:
    1. This year, the IBSA Show will be held virtually. Unfortunately, this means that certification will not be available in-person. Mail-in certification will still be available throughout the year.
  2. Mail-In Certification:
    1. Add your registration to the cart below and complete your payment.
      1. Even if you don’t have a PayPal you can sign in as a guest and make your payment by entering your credit card information.
    2. Wait for your confirmation email to arrive with details on when to expect your shear sharpening set. This may take 1-2 business days. If you do not receive your confirmation email please contact us at info@ibsa.me or 800-362-7071

Be sure to join us at IBSA 2020 Virtual. Board member, Rob Sheets, will be answering all questions.

Mail-In Certification - $325.00

The fee for signing up to certify at the show is $250.00, to be paid before the event or when the person signs up. After the show, mail-in certification will be available throughout the year at a rate of $325.00. Check out our scoring sheets to see what the judges will be looking for!

IBSA Score Sheet Beveled Shear

IBSA Score Sheet Lefty Slide Cutting Shear

IBSA Score Sheet Slide Cutting Shear

IBSA Score Sheet Thinning Shear

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  1. Hi I would like to use your Mail-In Certification process
    I will attend a show for the Master Certification
    Thank you Jim Jackintell

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