Participating Speakers 2022

The IBSA would like to thank each and every one of our speakers who are taking the time out of their busy schedules to participate in our live event!

Bonnie Megowan is the founder of Bonika Shears,wholesaling beauty and groomer shears, shear repair parts and the Scimech Flathone Sharpening system. She has authored several books on shear repair and shear business, and her credentials include “Master Sharpener” certification with the NBTSG. 

Jim O’Donnell is a shears modification specialist, business coach, and marketer/branding professional. He has spent the past twenty years helping professional sharpeners grow and expand their businesses.

Ramon Eickert is the owner of Symphony, sellers of an exclusive line of beauty and grooming shears along with salon apparel. Ramon started making scissors from age 12 under the tutelage of his dad, Ari Eickert, until the business was sold in 2006. In 2011 he restarted operations in the Eickert Building, making private label shears & doing shear repair.  

Paul Bruneau has been a sharpener for over 20 years, certified Master Sharpener under the NSSG. He launched Shear Delight from home in California in 1997. Originally servicing the dog show industry via a booth at the shows, when the recession in 2007 hit, he transitioned to include groomers and salons via mobile sharpening. This has grown into a fleet of vans that service California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Washington with regular scheduled routes.