Shear Sharpening Business Knowledge

Shear Sharpening Business Knowledge

A shear sharpening business has the potential for high profits. Hair stylists invest hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars on shears. Many hair stylists seek professional shear sharpening services for “like new” condition on shears.

shear sharpening business ImageStartup Capital Requirements for Scissor Sharpening Operations

A sharpening machine can range thousands of dollars that can sharpen not just shears but other products as well such as nippers, clippers, and knives

Take a Look at the Competition

Do your research before you start your business in order to know who your local competitors are and what they have to offer to their customers.

Gain knowledge in not only in the shear sharpening business but also trends in the hair industry that your business can benefit from and position your business that sets you apart from competitors.

Research Industry Organizations

Do your research! Getting in touch with industry organizations will help you gain more knowledge and answer any WHO? WHERE? WHAT? HOW?. It is important to know the resources that are available such as associations, education classes, programs, conferences, and even networking with colleagues that have first hand experience with the industry.

Trade Shows for Shear Sharpening Business

Trade shows are important to network with other people in the industry as well as education. Educating yourself with the latest trends, products, and techniques will give you an edge over your competitors!

Getting Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs

Attending conferences and becoming a member of IBSA will enable you to network with other shear sharpeners from across the United States as well as top-notch professional certifiers who have a lot of experience in not just the sharpening business but the hair industry as well. You will be able to maximize your profits.

Business Plans for Shear Sharpening Business

Below are resources for business plans

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