Certified Members

The IBSA shear sharpening certification program is designed and executed as a fair evaluation of one’s sharpening ability.  No other program is as thorough or meaningful as what we’ve designed to test your skills.  Our judges have all certified as Master Sharpener or are sharpeners whose expertise is without question.  We test the certifier on 4 scissors:  Thinner, Right Hand Convex, Left Hand Convex & Bevel.  All certifiers will be tested against a official scoresheets, clearly detailing all aspects of inspection.  The scoresheet is available to each certifier for study, shows how points are assigned to each aspect of the sharpening process, and acts as a roadmap on what to do for each scissor, and more importantly, what the judges will be looking for.

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Sharpener’s NameWhen
Leigh Anne Dietrich10/28/19
Allan Galbraith10/28/19
Christian Golden10/28/19
Roger Hunnicutt10/28/19
Eric Villarreal10/28/19
Peter Paik10/10/19
Tom Renaltner08/13/19
Brenda Pierce04/12/19
Lance Whittemore02/22/19
Taskeen Elahi11/10/18
Brenda Pierce11/10/18
Donna Wright11/10/18
Alan Boyer11/12/17
Mark Doda11/12/17
Juan Hovey11/12/17
Thomas Platz11/12/17
Erika Swift11/12/16
Francis Margherita11/12/16
Gary Lubin11/12/16
John Delcano11/12/16
Mark Allen11/12/16
Mark Goodburn11/12/16
Michael Barker11/12/16
Robert Bott11/12/16