Fact & Fiction: Shear Care Advice

Fact & Fiction: Shear Care Advice

Fiction: Some shears are marketed as ‘never needing to be sharpened’.
Fact: Shears are made differently, but that doesn’t mean that there are those that don’t need to be sharpened.

Fiction: Low quality shear can cut similarly to a high quality shear
Fact: High-quality shears are better functioning, and are made to last longer

Fiction: All sharpeners are the same
Fact: All sharpeners do not have the same training therefore the quality of work is not all the same.

Fiction: Once shears are sharpened, they won’t cut like new.
Fact: False. Our master sharpeners are trained to sharpen your shears so that they cut and look like new.

Fiction: Once there are nicks in the shears, you can’t use them anymore.
Fact: False. With proper sharpening, your shears will be as good or even better as new.

Fiction: The best sharpening is done by computer/laser.
Fact: A computer has some controlled elements to sharpening shears but skilled sharpeners still have more control with sharpening.