IBSA FAQ – Sharpening Certification FAQ

Q: How is IBSA different from NSSG? NBTSG?

Unconnected from any sharpening system. Not owned by any one person or company. Born from passionate people in this business that are interested in furthering their own education as well as helping in the education of others.

Q: What will the fee be for OnSite certifications?


Q: Is it exclusively for beauty shears? 

No, since beauty salons use clippers as well.

Q: Will it be run as contests? Or simply certified or not certified? Different levels? What is your philosophy behind this/these answers?

There will be different levels of certification to provide the best education for beauty sharpeners.

Q: There are two manufacturing/distributor sponsors on the Board. Are you open to more shear mfg involvement?

Yes, please.

Q: Will only the two shear supplier’s brands be used in the Certification process?

For now they offer the best choice. We may change it in the future if a need arises.

Q: Will you be offering classes prior to Certification?


Q: What is IBSA most excited about?

We have never had a factory tech from Japan teach anything at any of the shows that I know about. We are very excited about this.

Q: Why did the advisory board members decide to get involved?

We felt there was a need for us to be involved in such a great association to insure that we would be able to continue to receive master level education for ourselves as well as others.

Q: What is the most important IBSA message you’d like to share with the Sharpeners Report readers, of which the majority are beauty shear sharpeners?

We will do everything in our power to provide the absolute best quality training. With the resources, brain power, and experience in all aspects of the beauty sharpening business, we will most certainly be able to do it.

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  1. I am going to do my best to see if I can attend this first IBSA convention for me; I like the fact that those involved have little or no association with any system or product manufacturer . Totally unbiased, the way association meetings should be held! I am eager to learn the ins and outs of the sharpening business, being a “greeny”, but I’m convinced that I can walk away from this show with a bit more confidence and skill than what I started with. Looking forward to meeting all of you if I can make it!

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