Official Show Report from Board of Directors

The International Beauty Sharpening Association’s Third Annual Convention was held November 8-9, 2015.

The 2-day conference was held at the Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas and included exhibits, hands-on classes, sharpening workshops, a broad range of mentor and networking opportunities, and special guests Yasuhiro Ono and Mike Takebayashi from Japan and Dongho Jun and Sunjoo Park from Korea. Media from the event may be found at our website here.

A total of thirty-four attendees and nine vendors came to the show. Attendees were exposed to master sharpeners from Japanese and Korean factories. Neither were fluent in English; special thanks go to Daniel Funk for acting as interpreter. Education from these Japanese and Korean masters was included in the show registration package, but we also offered hands-on classes from Yasuhiro Ono and Josh Freund.

Technical demonstrations included a start-to-finish shear sharpening demonstration from John Wright and repair of severely damaged shears by Jim O’Donnell. Marketing presentations included one by Ron Wada on selling that was outstanding, to say the least. Thomas Columbia did a presentation on how to “stop selling and make more sales.” It, too, was outstanding and left everyone rearing to go home and make more money. Some have already started! Judy Brenner gave an informative and engaging presentation about how to brand yourself as a sharpener and reach a wider audience.

We offered sharpening tools found only in Japan. We also learned about hair cutting techniques from master stylists, such as our own Jason Pintel, and how to sell high-end shears even if you don’t know how to use them. Chances are, stylists have only heard of a particular shear, but have never used it. We gained product education so we can in turn educate the stylists.

Congratulations to certifier Mark Doda – this year, he scored his highest ever! He has participated every year in our certification and has improved the quality of his sharpening each time (over a 200-point difference). This year, he scored as an IBSA Associate. He has noticed a difference in his business, giving his clients better work each time. Attendees are also given the option to attempt certification at home through our mail-in certification process.

Next year’s show is already in the works. If you missed out this year, start planning now for 2016. We will have hands-on round table training and a class on how to make six figures plus. Education is always a priority and, if it was anything like this year, you won’t want to miss it!

Two days in Las Vegas is not an expense – it is an investment. A wise man once said, “Think education is expensive? Try experience.” With what you learn at our events, you’ll quickly see a return on your investment. About ten minutes into the start of the show, Jim O’Donnell said, “Wow, I’ve already learned two things!” This is the same all around! We all learned and grew as sharpeners and salespeople. Sometimes it’s just the smallest things we learn that make such a big difference in our business.

We want to thank everyone involved for making this year’s convention another successful event. Please fill out our event evaluation form, located on our website here. We continue to welcome your feedback on how to make next year even bigger and better.

Keep your calendar open for next year around the same time (specific dates TBD) at the Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas. We make it easy to make payments through PayPal. To keep up-to-date with our progress, join our mailing list on our website’s home page here. See you next year!

Thank You,

IBSA Board of Directors