Survey #1: Facing COVID-19


  • 34% said no effect on business but were quick to emphasize “YET”
  • 55% said they have been affected
  • Multiple complaints about struggles with delivery services


  • Switching to electronic payment/cash in ziplock’s
  • Market with diversity and enthusiasm
  • Marketing sharpening during stylist’s down time while they can be without tools
  • Offering services on e-bay
  • Offering drop off’s/mail in
  • Connect mental health with hair styling (see quote below)
  • Communicating via Facebook and Instagram
  • Provide lockers or locations for drop off and pick up
  • Focus on knife/garden tool sharpening as interests change
  • “NO CONTACT PLAN”: update website with mail-in option on webpage
  • Offer discounts for advanced bookings for large groups
  • Collecting leads and messaging them inquiries to set up drop-off/pickup’s
  • Offering 10% off during April