Day 1 (Sunday Nov.13)

Opening Day Registration                                                         7am-8am

Vendor Intro                                                                             8am-8:30am

Ron Wada – Successful Selling                                                 8:30-9:00am

Jim O’Donnell – Set & Hone                                                     8:30-10:30am

     Setting: Bending Block & Hammer

     Hone: Flat Hone vs Machine Hone

Bonnie Megowan -Business                                                     10:30-11:30am

     How to start a sharpening business and succeed

     Tips if you have already started

Ron Wada – Successful Selling                                                 11:30-Noon

Certification Lead in                                                                 11:30-Noon

Lunch Break                                                                             Noon- 1:00pm

Certification                                                                             1:00-3:00pm

Vendor Time                                                                             1:00-3:00pm

Ron Wada – Successful Selling                                                 2:30-3:00

Hands on Time with the Instructors                                         1:00-3:00pm

Paul Bruno – Pet Grooming                                                     3:00-4:30pm

Pet vs Beauty Shears

Curved Shear Repair

Shear Variety – Different dog – Different Shear

Various Business Models                                                         4:30-5:30pm

Paul, Bonnie, Jim and Ramon


Day 2 (Monday Nov. 14)

Jim O’Donnell – Outside Edge                                                     9:00-10:00am

Pad on steel cs rubber vs velcro vs stone wheel

How to correct a bad convex and a bad bevel

Surgical Instruments                                                                     10-11:00am

Names, what are they used for.

How to sharpen and test

Learn from the Experts                                                                 11-Noon

Vendor Time

Hands-on Time with Instructors

Lunch Break                                                                                 Noon-1:00pm

Ramon Eickert – Blending and Chunking Shears                         1:00-2:00pm

Tips and various techniques

Paul Bruno – Bonnie Megowan                                                     2:00-3:30pm

Clipper Sharpening and repair

Break out class and hands on 

Wrapping It Up                                                                             3:30-4:00pm

Certification Awards

Closing and Thank you.